Clarion Call


During the event, Governors can receive points by destroying the Barbarians, and the points will be accumulated for ranking. When reaching the specified points, Governors will receive the corresponding rewards. The governor who joins the alliance will also win for the alliance event point for ranking. The Governor and the alliance with specified rank will receive additional ranking rewards at the end of the event.

Event Rules

  1. Every Governor gets scores by defeating the Barbarians, and scores can be exchanged for abundant rewards.
  2. The scores will be accumulated for ranking. Governors with alliance will also win scores for the alliance, the governor, and the alliance with the specified rank will receive the corresponding rewards.
  3. During the event, all the rewards can only be claimed once, governors will not receive a same reward twice, when they change the alliance.

Points rule:

  • Lv.1-6 Barbarian = 10 Points
  • Lv.7-9 Barbarian = 20 Points
  • Lv.10-12 Barbarian = 30 Points
  • Lv.13-15 Barbarian = 40 Points
  • Lv.16-17 Barbarian = 50 Points
  • Lv.18-19 Barbarian = 60 Points
  • Lv.20 Barbarian = 70 Points
  • Lv.21 Barbarian = 80 Points
  • Lv.22 Barbarian = 90 Points
  • Lv.23 Barbarian = 100 Points
  • Lv.24 Barbarian = 110 Points
  • Lv.25 Barbarian = 120 Points

Event Rewards

Individual Rank Rewards

Only the Top 100 Governors will receive rank rewards!

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