The Mightiest Governor

The Mightiest Governor event is a re-occurring multi-stage event held over 5 days where the rewards include legendary sculptures for different Commanders (first place:180, 2nd 120, 3rd 60, 4th and 5th 45).

There are 5 stages:

  • Troop Training
  • Barbarian Killing
  • Gathering Resources
  • Power Gain
  • Killing Enemies

Each event is 24 hours with the exception of the last which is 48 hours in length.


Stage 1: Train Troops

The training Troops stage is very important. This is where you can get a lot of points. 

  1. Train before the event starts- Use Troop Reserves Items before the event start. Do this 7 days ore more before the event starts. Calculate how much it will need you to train 20k troops then see when the next event starts. This will give you a lot of points. 
  2. Training Buffs- Find alliance that haves most training speed shrines and join them. Find rune that will give you training speed. Ask your king for duke title. Wait for Kingdoms buff for train troops. You can change your civilization for more training speed. 
  3. Upgrading troops – It is best to upgrade fro Tier 4 to tier 5 troops. This will give you the most points for less training speedups. That is why it is important to have tier 5 troops unlocked. 

Train a Tier 1 Unit – 5 points

Train a Tier 2 Unit – 10 points

Train a Tier 3 Unit – 20 points

Train a Tier 4 Unit – 40 points

Train a Tier 5 unit – 100 points

(Receive point difference for troop upgrades)

Stage 2: Defeat Barbarians

For this, you will need to use peacekeeping commanders like Boudica and Lohar. With peacekeeping commanders and the right talent, you will get a reduction of 20 attack points. 

10 attack points will be reduced by peacekeeping talents and every barbarian you kill you will get 2 attack points reduction that can be stacked 5 times. 

Do not return your troops to the city because the stack will be reset. 

You want to focus on level 25 barbarians because they give most of the points. 

For secondary commander, you can use AOE commanders Like Sun Tzu and Yi Seong-Gye. AOE can hit other barbarians if they are close

Stage 3: Gather Resources

Gathering Resources is a simple stage. All you need to do is farm gold because it will give you the most points. 

Before the event start, you can send Joan of Arc and Sarka  to gather gold. You can do this 2 or 3 days before the event starts. 

Send your gathering troops to farm gold but send max troops that you can. You want your troops to get max load. But you must be careful so your troops do not get back in the city before gathering stage starts. 

If you have reached maximum load be sure to send your troops in flags. When the gathering stage starts just return them to the city and enjoy in free points. 

After that just try to farm as much gold you can.

As an Alliance we will place a Gold Alliance Mother Lode right before the 3rd day, you could gain tons of points. 

A tip is also to start farming gems the day before with a full troop but not allow them to return home before reset to maximise more points

Stage 4: Increase Power

For this, you can upgrade the building and do research for more points. 

The best building that you can upgrade during this stage fore more points is a goldmineIt will cost you a lot of resources but it is worth it. 

You can also train more troops if you have extra speedups.

Stage 5: Eliminate Enemies (Kill Event)

Kill or severely wounding to the other governors to earn points!

Now this is pretty straightforward all.

You need to do is basically battle. This is the whole point of Rise of Kingdoms anyway.

How To Score Points 

Severely Wound/Kill a Tier 1 Unit         1 Point(s)

Severely Wound/Kill a Tier 2 Unit         2 Point(s)

Severely Wound/Kill a Tier 3 Unit         4 Point(s)

Severely Wound/Kill a Tier 4 Unit         8 Point(s)

Severely Wound/Kill a Tier 5 Unit         20 Point(s)

Follow Kingdom rules at all times

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