House of Chaos

CHAOS  ~ Noun

Complete disorder and confusion

Why come to us

. Top 2 Alliance
. Kings Rotation
. 5.8 Billion Power Alliance
. Gift lvl 23
. Max Alliance Tech
. Daily Kingdom Buffs
. Joint KVK 2 winners
. Joint KVK 3 Light and dark winners
. Titles 24/7 available
. T5 Players Chat
. Kingdom led by council

our recruitment team


The New Yorker

Tone is the Leader of House of Chaos, he’s also the one who you need if you want something done, but has a tendency to spend alliance gold on flags flags flags.

xx Mimi xx

The Brit

Mimi is our love-able tea sipping Brit, she is the chatterbox. Mimi appears warm and frindly but has mean streak running through her core! be warned.

KVK History

KVK Season 1

The original alliance was not controlled by ourself as we migrated here after season 1, 

KVK Season 2

Through diplomacy and co-operation we successfully  shared kvk rewards, by taking the Great Zugger and ensuring our members got the rewards they deserved

KVK 3 starting soon

Light & darkness

Currently winning

Contact us below

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